красивая кожа в любом возрасте!

Why do we choose ampoule phytocosmetics FLORYLIS?

4 main reasons:

      1. Naturalness and vegetable origin (phytocosmetics)

      2. Uniqueness of used technologies for acquisition of active concentrates (CERACTIV® technology)

      3. Safety. The absence of preservatives in active concentrates.

      4. Efficiency (effectiveness of treatments with active concentrates).



The main groups of active components

The main groups of active components, making part of compositions of phytocosmetics FLORYLIS ® and obtained by technology CERACTIV®.


Bioflavonoids are plant phenol compounds, found mostly in plants of yellow and colourless shades. It is described about 5000 different bioflavonoids.


Alpha-hydroxyacids are organic acids with a hydroxyl group on carbon, providing a colossal
anti-aging and regenerating effect.

Essential oils

Essential oils are odorous mix of liquid volatile substances, isolated from plant materials.


Tannins are a group of phenolic compounds of plant origin, possessing tanning properties and a typical astringent taste.

Plant peptides

Plant peptides are a family of substances of plant origin, which molecules are built from remains of α-amino acids, joined into a chain by peptide bonds (-С(О)NH-). These natural compounds contain from tens to thousands of monomeric units – amino acids.



“Flora can bring to humanity all the necessary.”

Phytocosmetics Florylis


Увлажняющий тоник для нормальной и сухой кожи (VR0104)

Moisturizing day fluid


Anti ageing concentrate

(BC 0113 Anti-ageing Care)

Regenerating cream