красивая кожа в любом возрасте!



“FLORYLIS” Laboratory was created in 1980 as a result of an alliance between specialists in the area of cosmetology, botany and biotechnology.

The main direction of the Laboratory’s activity is to develop and produce cosmetic products of high – performance for professional usage while carrying out cosmetology treatments.




Philosophy of «FLORYLIS» Laboratory over a period of 30 years is being based upon 2 simple postulates:


  • Flora can bring to humanity all the necessary
  • A person can be really happy only in harmony with nature




On the basis of these postulates scientists and developers of FLORYLIS Laboratory to create a line of professional cosmetics are guided by the following principles:


  • use only effective vegetable ingredients;
  • offer cosmetic procedures on the basis of natural factors (power of plants and energy of nature);
  • preserve activity of vegetable components in original untransformed form.



Why do we choose ampoule phytocosmetics FLORYLIS?

4 main reasons:

      1. Naturalness and vegetable origin (phytocosmetics)
      2. Uniqueness of used technologies for acquisition of active concentrates (CERACTIV® technology)
      3. Safety. The absence of preservatives in active concentrates.
      4. Efficiency (effectiveness of treatments with active concentrates).


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“Flora can bring to humanity all the necessary.”

Phytocosmetics Florylis


Увлажняющий тоник для нормальной и сухой кожи (VR0104)

Moisturizing day fluid


Anti ageing concentrate

(BC 0113 Anti-ageing Care)

Regenerating cream