красивая кожа в любом возрасте!

Ампулированная фитокосметика

Positioning of ampoule phytocosmetics FLORYLIS

The basis of brand's technological positioning is a production of phytogenous active substances in high concentrations using a unique technology CERACTIV®  without use of preservatives.



Vegetable concentrate in ampoule is a main element of FLORYLIS professional beauty care.

Its high concentration and activity provide a real result when solving any cosmetic problem.

All beauty treatments of FLORYLIS line provide a complex effect of concentrate's active ingredients and subsidiary cosmetics.


Ampoule phytocosmetics FLORYLIS ® comprises professional line and a wide range of products for home care.  

Cosmetic products of ampoule phytocosmetics FLORYLIS:

  • contain high concentrations of active ingredients of vegetable origin obtained by modern technologies based on advanced scientific developments (CERACTIV® technology)


  • balanced formulas provide «selective» delivery of active ingredients into deep layers of skin


  • due to the presence in assortment of a large number of highly active ampoule concentrates combined with hardware techniques, it is possible to conduct individual therapy of various cosmetiс imperfections


  • cosmetics` efficiency and ability to solve the most difficult aesthetic problems are confirmed by experimental scientific researches


  • the absence of preservatives and other chemically synthesized additives provides excellent tolerance of ampoule concentrates and minimizes risks of allergic reactions.

Basic professional treatments:

  • Normal and dry skin care
  • Sensitive skin care
  • Anti-ageing care
  • Oily and combination skin care
  • Oily and problem skin care
  • Whitening care
  • Eye care specifics

Supporting treatments for home use:

  • Normal and dry (including sensitive) skin care
  • Anti-ageing care
  • Oily and combination skin care
  • Problem skin care
  • Whitening care
  • Special products




“Flora can bring to humanity all the necessary.”

Phytocosmetics Florylis


Увлажняющий тоник для нормальной и сухой кожи (VR0104)

Moisturizing day fluid


Anti ageing concentrate

(BC 0113 Anti-ageing Care)

Regenerating cream